Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well, we are back in Arkansas. We have moved back because my mom was diagnosed with Fibromuscular Displaysia of the Carotid arteries.

An invaluable lesson witnessed by my astute, extremely intelligent little girl: The outcome to a set goal may not be as you planned or hoped. But, you have to have the courage to try.

The above pictures were taken at the Honolulu airport when we were leaving. She was more than ready to go, as you can tell, to see my mother. LOL!!! Doesn't she look so cute???!!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Par for the course

I was waiting at the corner of University and Dole for the light to change so that I could cross the street.  Several others were waiting as well.  The light changed and the white light guy appeared.  I stepped into the street and almost got hit by a bicycle.  I've almost been hit by a car before but never a bicycle.......

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Built for Comfort

Am I the only one who likes Duff on Ace of Cakes?  Am I the only one that would love that bald head and go-tee all night long?  He is the type that is built for comfort not for speed.  And, I so don't mind.  

I've got a cake for him to decorate!

I just love resourceful MEN!

I met this really cool guy last Friday at my office.  He came in to give a presentation.  He was staying at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Although he looked at me suspiciously when I asked for his room number, he gave it to me.  I ask everyone that I come in contact with who is vacationing as I take Trinity and hit the pools as if we are also tourists.  

We went Sunday afternoon.  When we rounded the corner, there he was.  We both burst into laughter and I introduced him to Trinity.  We swam for a while and then talked for a while.  During our conversation, he said, "You want a beer?"  I said, "Sure."  Why of course I did!  He disappeared and came back carrying a brown paper bag.  In his room, he had fashioned a plastic bag containing ice, four beers, and lime wedges inside the brown paper bag.  He had made his own beer cooler!  I couldn't help but laugh.  To which he replied, "Hey, I worked it out!"

I just love resourceful men.  He was too cool!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I love thrift stores!!  I can poke through a thrift store for hours but become instantly bored with malls.  My sister is a dumpster diver.  She doesn't go looking for food or anything.  If she sees something sitting on the side of the road abandoned, however, look out!  She would go crazy in Hawai'i.  I am amazed at what people put on the side of the road.  But, we are on an island.  I guess if they are moving to the mainland and can't sell it or ship it, to the side of the road it goes.

Tonight, I found the two pieces shown on the side of the road.  They weren't there this morning and had not been rained on.  For the dresser, I hauled in the drawers.  For the frame, I had to "criss-cross" it down the street, meaning I would grab the end, twist it around, and then grab the other end.  When I got to the point where I was going to have to cross the street, a nice older gentleman helped me carry it to my door.  I, then, stood it up on it sides and pulled it in.  Did you see the Hawaiian flowers carved into the side?  I can't wait to get to Home Depot for paint and new pulls. 

The little TV stand was kinda wobbly.  But, I thought it would look perfect housing Trinity's stuffed animals.  Wasn't I right?  She walked in and gasped, "I love it!"  She did not know that I had packed all of them.  They have been residing in their U-Haul box that they were lovingly thrown into in Jonesboro.

Whatta a SCORE!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cultural exploration

I found Trinity the cutest pair of child-sized chop sticks with little teddy bears on them.  I gave them to her last night and explained how they were used.  This morning, I got mine and hers and showed her how to use with them.  She began eating her mandarin oranges with them almost immediately!!!!!

She's doing so well!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The artist

My daughter has always been a very good artist.  Last night, however, she really surprised me.  She drew a picture of me complete with glasses and earrings.  On the back, she had drawn my hair.  I was really proud of her and told her that I wanted to put it on the wall (as we have no pictures one the walls).  She excitedly told me that I would have to wait as she needed to draw my breasts.....

Now, Trinity was a breast fed baby.  I never fed her a bottle.  I would express at work and her sitters would feed her breast milk while I was away.  The La Leche League recommends breast feeding for two years.  Trinity and I went for two and a half.  I tried to wean her at two years.  But, she saw it as rejection and began to act very timid around me.  It wasn't worth her self-esteem.  So, I continued to breast feed.  (Please keep in mind that I was only a snack once she began baby food at seven months.  So, it is not like I was making her drink only milk until she was two and a half.)  At two and a half, she got really sloppy with her latch on and it began to hurt.  I then realized why you see momma cows kicking their off calves....

Anyhoo.  After she smilingly showed me the added breasts, she decided that she needed to draw my cookie, our household name for our female anatomical units.  I couldn't quit laughing.  She then decided to draw herself in the picture complete with the same parts.

She is a trip!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Riding the waves with my daughter

Collectively, I've done some really cool things during my visits to the islands.  While on Maui, I took a helicopter ride from Kahalui to Hana and snorkeled.  On Oahu, I've been diving several times, seen beautiful sights, hung out with friends while listening to local music, and met some really cool people.  But last night, I did the most awesome thing to date.  

After I picked Trinity up from the daycare, I took her to Waikiki to the beach.  I had purchased her some fins to help her glide around the water.  She never got he hang of them and they ended up back on the shore.  She still had on her pink floaties, though, and was happily flitting around in the water.  I was describing the ebb and flow of the water and how it will push and pull you toward and away from the beach.  She thought it was cool to ride the waves before they crested.  I couldn't agree more.   Then, she swam over to me, wrapped her arms and legs around me, and gave me the most warm and comforting hug.  As we were hugging, a big wave came and pushed us toward the shore.  That was the most awesome moment!  How cool to be hugging your daughter while riding a wave.  

Then, I got to thinking.  That concrete and profound moment describes us literally and figuratively.  Not only were we bathing in the Pacific, but in the grander scheme of things, we are riding the waves of our lives in the big, unknown blue waters with only each other.  

I wouldn't change a thing!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hawaii rule: No rain, no rainbows

Creative little girl!!!

Trini did this last week sometime.  But, I thought it was completely noteworthy!!!  She is so creative.  Our front window slides vertically on a wooden track.  So, the premade little window security things do not work.  We had to make a trek to Home Depot for dowels.  I was actually pretty proud of myself as I had to saw them to measure myself.  I kept the other ends for weaponry, if you will.  

A day or so later, I rounded the corner to find that Trinity had fashioned one as a microphone and was using the other for an ukulele.  It was too cute!!!!!!

I just love everything about her!

Our humble Hawaiian abode

We have living room furniture!!!  I am so happy.  Trini and I have been (rather, I have been.  Trini has been sitting in her beach chair) sitting on pillows on the floor.  I've been pouring over ads on Craigslist for furniture since we arrived.  I had decided on a futon.  But when I tried to piece together living room furniture separately, it was costing a mint.  Today, I happened upon a real estate agent who is assisting vacation-rental condo owners with their sales (as tourism is low due to flight prices), he offered me a complete living room set at a deal.  Did I mention that he offered to deliver it???  Anyhoo.  It is totally island flair, which I wanted.  It is white rattan.  The cushions have a blue background with tan and green palm fronds.  I love it!!!!!  The sofa is a sofa bed for any mainland guests.  We just won't be able to walk to the door.  LOL!!!  

I love Hawaii!!!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Adventure buddy and me on our way to the fireworks @ the Aloha Tower

Yesterday's happenings

Yesterday was productive indeed!!!

I had lunch with Ed & Guy regarding my role within Alaka'i.  We had an excellent lunch.  We had an excellent professional meeting.  But the coolest thing about the luncheon appoint was.....  As we were finished with our dim sum, we were sipping our tea.  I told the gentlemen, "Who would have thought that in October, 2005 when I met you guys that we would all be sitting at the table in Honolulu today discussing my role within Alaka'i."  Guy looked at me and said, "I seem to recall you telling me, at the October 2005 Program Kick-off, that we were your ticket out of Arkansas."  I looked at him in astonishment.  I DID say that to them.  And, they remembered.  I had almost forgotten.

After lunch, the gentlemen dropped me off at the Leahi Hospital for my 2:00pm interview.  Oh my gosh!!!  The interview went so well.  It was with the Hawai'i AIDS Research Program through UH.  I met a culturally diverse group of professional women that were so likable that I almost wanted to ask them to go have a drink with me.  They are looking for the exact type of administrative support that I provided the Laser Jock group in Jonesboro.  I made them laugh.  I answered their questions.  And, I secretly sat there sending them brain waves that stated, "Hire this girl.  Hire this girl."  

The most incredible part was the view.  As I stood waiting for the elevators, I decided to take the stairs. And there to greet me was Diamond Head in all its grandeur.  There was absolutely nothing between me and Diamond Head with the ocean on either side waving to me.  I said outloud, "Why didn't I bring my camera?"  So, I took the following pictures with my Treo.  Not great quality.  But, damn, do you get the gist!  

It was a great day!!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

It's coming together!

This morning, I attended the Alaka'i grand opening.  It was good to see my boys.  I met a lot of new people.  I made some really good contacts!  A gentleman, whom I met in October of last year, was there and offered to hire me as a contractor.  It would be a part-time gig that I could work when I want.  I really like the guy and his business ideas.  I'm going to do it!  I told my mom about it.  She and I both agree that pretty soon, I am going to have more jobs than I know what to do with.

There is a job at the Waikiki Aquarium for an Events & Membership Manager position.  I REALLY, REALLY want that job.  That would be too cool!!!  I plan on walking my resume in tomorrow rather than mail it.  

David is too cool.  He helped me move my boxes over to my apartment this evening.  My bed will be delivered and the cable will be turned on on Wednesday.  We will stay here tonight and tomorrow night.  But come Wednesday night, we will be at our apartment in Hawai'i!!!!!  We took a nap over there yesterday.  It is definitely in a much busier area than where we are currently staying.  

The good news is that there is a small shopping center just right around the corning.  It has a little grocery store, coffee shop, movie rental place, Pizza Hut, Sushi Man (which is delicious.  I at there yesterday!!!!), a Korean barbeque, Subway, another restaurant, a laundromat, and a little place called the "Vintage Wine Cellar".  I am in LOVE!!  I cruised through the Wine Cellar.  Oh... My... Goodness...  They had labels and wines of which I had never heard.  I felt like a kid in a candy store, all giddy and stuff.  I can't wait to get my place put together, go buy me a little treasure, and sit and sip it like I am a queen.  

Well, that is today's update.  I guess I'll post more later.

Mahalo (thank you in Hawaiian) for visiting!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

F%cking with people

Day before yesterday, I took my daughter to view a childcare facility.  She fell in love with it immediately.  I paid the deposit and application fee, gathered all the required paperwork, and set off for the bus stop to return home.  We get on the bus and Trinity heads for the back (her favorite place).  I pull out the paperwork and begin the completion process.  After a few minutes, the girl beside us bursts into laughter.  I look up but do not inquire.  A few seconds later, the girl bursts into laughter, again.  When I look at her, she points to Trinity laughing.  I ask her what she did.  She just continues to laugh.  I go back to my paperwork as Trinity just looked at me and smiled.  I'll be damn if the girl didn't burst into laughter, again.  I asked Trinity, "What are you doing?"  Trinity slowly turns her head to reveal that she has her bottom teeth protruding on top of her top lip while rolling her eyes back in her head.

She was f%cking with people on the bus.  Do you know how many people that I would like to f%ck with on the bus?  LOL!!!  If only I, too, could get away with it...............

Friday, June 20, 2008


You can take the girl out of Arkansas.  But, I guess you can't take Arkansas out of the girl.  

I have been trying to get to Wal-Mart for about a week now.  After all, where else does one shop when in Arkansas?  I finally figured out how to get there via TheBus.  I packed Trini up and we went today.  I was almost giddy walking up to the doors.

Wal-Mart in Honolulu is much different than in Arkansas.  First, it is attached to a parking garage.  Second, the doors are inside the garage, somewhat in the middle between the two.  But oh, the familiar smell as we walked in.  Directly to the left were "Hawaii" knick knacks, hats, and t-shirts.  I have to say, the ABC and EZ stores are much cheaper for the same crap.   I had to stroll through just to look.  The layout of this store was totally different, too.  Also, I am used to a super center with a complete grocery store.  This had very little food compared to the mega-stores on the mainland.  

Still, I managed to rack-up a $100 bill with very little in my bags.  That is very MUCH like the stores on the mainland.  LOL!  

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trinity's Hawaiian Style 5th Birthday - Slideshow

Trinity's Fifth Birthday - Hawaiian Style

Today is Trinity's birthday.  Last night and this morning, I was feeling very melancholy as I have taken her so far away from family.  This morning, I took her to her new pediatrician.  As I sat looking out the window of his 10th floor office, I wanted to cry.  I looked at her playing and smiling and wondered if I had made the right decision.  

After the pediatric appointment, I took her to the Honolulu Zoo.  She had a ball.  She was very particular on which animals that I photographed her with.  She played at their playground for over an hour with some new friends.  Then, we went to the petting zoo.

After the zoo, I took her shopping for her birthday presents.  She picked out a yellow bucket with sand toys.  I picked her out a beach mat.  I asked her what else she wanted.  She said, "I don't want anything else for my birthday, Mommy."  How sweet!!!  How many five year olds say that?  I took her to the jewelry section anyway and asked if she wanted a necklace.  She picked out a pink, beaded necklace with little plumeria flowers.  I asked if she wanted anything else.  She said no.

After the shopping, we came home and had dinner.  I had baked her a three tier chocolate cake with chocolate icing.  I lit the candles.  As I sang Happy Birthday to her, she was looking at me square in the eye with the biggest smile.  She made a wish and blew them out.  But, she had me relight them several times and asked me not to sing again.  LOL!!!

This birthday was much different from what she is used to.  But, that was the whole point of this migration.  It was a great day!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free to Be

Well, we did it!  We escaped Arkansas.  We arrived last night at about 9:00pm Hawai'i time.  We were picked up and taken directly to the apartment which we will call home until we find our own.  My ten boxes were stacked up in the living room/kitchen/dining room (really small place) and took up most of the area.  I was relieved to see them.  It's funny how I am comforted by my things.......  We went to bed and awoke this morning at about 6:30am.  I prepared Trinity a makeshift breakfast.  We, then, dressed and headed out for our first adventure.  

We are staying in the punchbowl area, which is essentially in downtown.  OH MY GOD!!!  I had forgotten what it felt like to live in a city with a pulse.  We walked to the grocery store for a few provisions.  Trini was a little disgruntled that we were having to walk.  But, she handled it very well!  I was able to show her the ocean in the distance.  We also walked over an overpass to H1.  She thought it was cool to be walking over so many cars.  I was so very proud of her!!!

It is funny.  I am acting totally out of character for those who knew me in Arkansas.  Yet, I am more myself than I have been in years.  I had accidentally put on the persona that I guess I thought was expected in the 'metropolis' of Jonesboro.  Here, I am free to be whomever I want.  There, I had to stifle who I was.  

With $60 bucks (and it wasn't much) worth of groceries in my backpack, my daughter's hand in mine, and the burn in my gluts and calves (from walking uphill toward our apartment), I couldn't believe how free I felt.  It was as if I were a bird that was suddenly let out of a cage.  I had called a friend and was sharing our adventures.  She said, "Now remember, you are home."  It wasn't until our uphill walk back that I realized, I AM HOME.  This is not a vacation.  This is it.  

Damn skippy!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flavor Flav

My daughter is poly-ethnic.  I say that as I am a mixture of Cherokee, Italian, Irish, English, and who knows what else.  Her father is African-Trinidadian.  However, his eyes are as green as jade.  Anyhoo.  I should really pay more attention to what I watch when she is around.  I, somehow, became addicted to Flavor of Love 1 and have watched it each season.  (Whatever happened to just meeting someone and hitting it off?  As a single woman, I mean DAMN, you have to go on a reality show and compete for a man's affections?  No thanks!  I only need a man for complex assembly or heavy lifting, both of which can be found in the yellow pages.)  During season three, I noticed my four year old walking around saying, "Flavor Flaaaaaavv."  Although I thought it was funny, it was quite "awakening", shall I say.  A few weeks later, I was watching it again.  This time she said, "Mommy, there is my daddy Flavor Flaaaaaavvv."  I hit the floor.