Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Free to Be

Well, we did it!  We escaped Arkansas.  We arrived last night at about 9:00pm Hawai'i time.  We were picked up and taken directly to the apartment which we will call home until we find our own.  My ten boxes were stacked up in the living room/kitchen/dining room (really small place) and took up most of the area.  I was relieved to see them.  It's funny how I am comforted by my things.......  We went to bed and awoke this morning at about 6:30am.  I prepared Trinity a makeshift breakfast.  We, then, dressed and headed out for our first adventure.  

We are staying in the punchbowl area, which is essentially in downtown.  OH MY GOD!!!  I had forgotten what it felt like to live in a city with a pulse.  We walked to the grocery store for a few provisions.  Trini was a little disgruntled that we were having to walk.  But, she handled it very well!  I was able to show her the ocean in the distance.  We also walked over an overpass to H1.  She thought it was cool to be walking over so many cars.  I was so very proud of her!!!

It is funny.  I am acting totally out of character for those who knew me in Arkansas.  Yet, I am more myself than I have been in years.  I had accidentally put on the persona that I guess I thought was expected in the 'metropolis' of Jonesboro.  Here, I am free to be whomever I want.  There, I had to stifle who I was.  

With $60 bucks (and it wasn't much) worth of groceries in my backpack, my daughter's hand in mine, and the burn in my gluts and calves (from walking uphill toward our apartment), I couldn't believe how free I felt.  It was as if I were a bird that was suddenly let out of a cage.  I had called a friend and was sharing our adventures.  She said, "Now remember, you are home."  It wasn't until our uphill walk back that I realized, I AM HOME.  This is not a vacation.  This is it.  

Damn skippy!


mwheeler said...

Damn Skilly INDEED! Let us in on ALL these new adventures, Dora;-)

mwheeler said...

Oops, that was suppposed to say, "Damn Skippy"! I'm SO cute at this age!