Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Flavor Flav

My daughter is poly-ethnic.  I say that as I am a mixture of Cherokee, Italian, Irish, English, and who knows what else.  Her father is African-Trinidadian.  However, his eyes are as green as jade.  Anyhoo.  I should really pay more attention to what I watch when she is around.  I, somehow, became addicted to Flavor of Love 1 and have watched it each season.  (Whatever happened to just meeting someone and hitting it off?  As a single woman, I mean DAMN, you have to go on a reality show and compete for a man's affections?  No thanks!  I only need a man for complex assembly or heavy lifting, both of which can be found in the yellow pages.)  During season three, I noticed my four year old walking around saying, "Flavor Flaaaaaavv."  Although I thought it was funny, it was quite "awakening", shall I say.  A few weeks later, I was watching it again.  This time she said, "Mommy, there is my daddy Flavor Flaaaaaavvv."  I hit the floor.

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mwheeler said...

Ocean Gypsy? I love it!!
Remember to post and often. I mean it. And we'll need to see some pictures from this excellent new adventure...