Thursday, June 26, 2008

F%cking with people

Day before yesterday, I took my daughter to view a childcare facility.  She fell in love with it immediately.  I paid the deposit and application fee, gathered all the required paperwork, and set off for the bus stop to return home.  We get on the bus and Trinity heads for the back (her favorite place).  I pull out the paperwork and begin the completion process.  After a few minutes, the girl beside us bursts into laughter.  I look up but do not inquire.  A few seconds later, the girl bursts into laughter, again.  When I look at her, she points to Trinity laughing.  I ask her what she did.  She just continues to laugh.  I go back to my paperwork as Trinity just looked at me and smiled.  I'll be damn if the girl didn't burst into laughter, again.  I asked Trinity, "What are you doing?"  Trinity slowly turns her head to reveal that she has her bottom teeth protruding on top of her top lip while rolling her eyes back in her head.

She was f%cking with people on the bus.  Do you know how many people that I would like to f%ck with on the bus?  LOL!!!  If only I, too, could get away with it...............


mx said...

What a kid!!! She's bound for stardom in one arena if not all.
I look forward to your posts so keep 'em comin!!!
Oh and Ron L wants to see you in a coconut bra.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you have a blog. I miss you so much but am so pleased that you have found what you have been looking for. You are now like a bird let out of a cage! I feel like a part of me is living there with you. Please write often and I love seeing Trinity in your pictures. Please tell her I send my love. By the way, Ron L always was freaky! I won't be able to look at Pat the same way now! I bet he has her wearing a coconut bra....haha

Love to you both.