Saturday, July 5, 2008

Our humble Hawaiian abode

We have living room furniture!!!  I am so happy.  Trini and I have been (rather, I have been.  Trini has been sitting in her beach chair) sitting on pillows on the floor.  I've been pouring over ads on Craigslist for furniture since we arrived.  I had decided on a futon.  But when I tried to piece together living room furniture separately, it was costing a mint.  Today, I happened upon a real estate agent who is assisting vacation-rental condo owners with their sales (as tourism is low due to flight prices), he offered me a complete living room set at a deal.  Did I mention that he offered to deliver it???  Anyhoo.  It is totally island flair, which I wanted.  It is white rattan.  The cushions have a blue background with tan and green palm fronds.  I love it!!!!!  The sofa is a sofa bed for any mainland guests.  We just won't be able to walk to the door.  LOL!!!  

I love Hawaii!!!!!

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M.A. said...

The furniture looks oh so perfect!!