Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The artist

My daughter has always been a very good artist.  Last night, however, she really surprised me.  She drew a picture of me complete with glasses and earrings.  On the back, she had drawn my hair.  I was really proud of her and told her that I wanted to put it on the wall (as we have no pictures one the walls).  She excitedly told me that I would have to wait as she needed to draw my breasts.....

Now, Trinity was a breast fed baby.  I never fed her a bottle.  I would express at work and her sitters would feed her breast milk while I was away.  The La Leche League recommends breast feeding for two years.  Trinity and I went for two and a half.  I tried to wean her at two years.  But, she saw it as rejection and began to act very timid around me.  It wasn't worth her self-esteem.  So, I continued to breast feed.  (Please keep in mind that I was only a snack once she began baby food at seven months.  So, it is not like I was making her drink only milk until she was two and a half.)  At two and a half, she got really sloppy with her latch on and it began to hurt.  I then realized why you see momma cows kicking their off calves....

Anyhoo.  After she smilingly showed me the added breasts, she decided that she needed to draw my cookie, our household name for our female anatomical units.  I couldn't quit laughing.  She then decided to draw herself in the picture complete with the same parts.

She is a trip!!!!!!!!!!

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