Saturday, July 12, 2008

Riding the waves with my daughter

Collectively, I've done some really cool things during my visits to the islands.  While on Maui, I took a helicopter ride from Kahalui to Hana and snorkeled.  On Oahu, I've been diving several times, seen beautiful sights, hung out with friends while listening to local music, and met some really cool people.  But last night, I did the most awesome thing to date.  

After I picked Trinity up from the daycare, I took her to Waikiki to the beach.  I had purchased her some fins to help her glide around the water.  She never got he hang of them and they ended up back on the shore.  She still had on her pink floaties, though, and was happily flitting around in the water.  I was describing the ebb and flow of the water and how it will push and pull you toward and away from the beach.  She thought it was cool to ride the waves before they crested.  I couldn't agree more.   Then, she swam over to me, wrapped her arms and legs around me, and gave me the most warm and comforting hug.  As we were hugging, a big wave came and pushed us toward the shore.  That was the most awesome moment!  How cool to be hugging your daughter while riding a wave.  

Then, I got to thinking.  That concrete and profound moment describes us literally and figuratively.  Not only were we bathing in the Pacific, but in the grander scheme of things, we are riding the waves of our lives in the big, unknown blue waters with only each other.  

I wouldn't change a thing!

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